Ormoc City—On July 14-15, 2022, the Environmental Management Bureau Region 8 conducted the
Second Quarter CY 2022 Joint Ormoc Bay and Dupong, Matlang, and Merida Water Quality Management
Areas (WQMA) Multi-Sectoral Group Monitoring and Meeting through the Ambient Monitoring Section
of the Environmental Monitoring Enforcement Division. There are 29 member-agencies comprising the
Ormoc Bay WQMA Governing Board and 18 member-agencies from Dupong, Matlang, and Merida
WQMA. The two WQMAs include the nine municipalities of Baybay, Ormoc, Albuera, Merida, Matag-ob,
Isabel, Palompon, Kananga, and Burauen, Leyte.